Our Story

LKC is more than an engineering, landscape architecture, and surveying firm.

It is a professional practice dedicated to developing valued relationships in all aspects of our practice. That objective is pursued with each client and extends through our staff, contractors, and all those involved in what we do. Therefore the LKC story is about people, and the amplified results that come from collaboration.

While LKC was formed in 2012, we are much more vintage. In fact, our team consists of several professionals who have been providing design and project solutions for clients for more than twenty-five years. We are also committed to multi-generational leadership, which means our principals and staff range in age from mid thirties to sixty plus.

Our journey, which is what we have learned through experience along the way, confirms that today’s built environments require an understanding and application of sound engineering, landscape architecture, and planning. LKC has a proven ability to craft solutions for a broad range of public and private projects. Our application of scientific, economic and social factors places our client’s needs at the center of our practice. We approach each project with a combination of fresh perspective, practical experience and creative insight.

We are proud to say that the majority of our clients consider us a part of their organization. We develop relationships with executives, property owners, elected officials, managers, and administrators, as well as their front line staffs to insure we understand a project’s objectives, and client’s needs.

Pursuing this philosophy and approach is our trademark.
It guides us to the notion that our professional offerings and abilities must be well-honed and always continue to be improved. We use our skills as a member of your team as we explore and bring solutions to your engineering, landscape architectural, and planning projects. Our track record tells us that clients get more than well designed and implemented projects. Working with you we create shared ownership and reliant relationships.

We invite you to join our family of clients and get to know us on your next project.