Landscape Architecture

We arrange the land for human use and enjoyment.

LKC’s reputation for high quality, people-centric, and site-appropriate landscape architecture has been earned through our years of client satisfaction. Our designs exhibit a valued balance between function and aesthetics, and are technically sound. We do not seek a particular style. Rather, we rely on our long established philosophy of creating harmony between new and existing, or built and natural, and using design elements which clearly link your renewed site to its surroundings.

At LKC helping clients succeed often starts with site analysis and planning. Our Landscape Architects are experienced in a wide range of projects. We offer specialized services including:

  • Project Goal Formulation and Development Programming
  • Site Planning and Design
  • Site Analysis
  • Land Use and Development Feasibility Studies
  • Landscape and Downtown Streetscape Revitalization
  • Site Maintenance Programs and Cost Estimating
  • Parks and Recreation


LKC seeks to maintain long term relationships with clients. Our value to you does not lie only in the drawings, studies, and support services. It resides in the years of project knowledge, long hours, and you at the center of our interest. We call that LKC wisdom, judgment and insight. From those tools our designed places make lives safer, more pleasing, operationally sound, and attractive.